Dawn Veltman, BSN

Health Coach Dawn Veltman has a love for transforming the wellness of both individuals and families. As a mother, her passion and experience also stems from dealing with many of her own children’s food allergies and chronic health issues, bringing both her sensitivity and understanding to the needs of families trying to make lifestyle changes. She has hugely impacted the lives of many through her nonjudgmental compassion and care, and education on nutrition and lifestyle fundamentals.

With a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Grand Valley State University, a Lifestyle Educator Certification, and experience as both a psychiatric nurse and teacher of healthy living classes, this mother of six has lived and breathed well-rounded, healthy living.

Dawn’s strong drive for personal wellness has extended to owning a family hobby farm, with a vegetable garden, where she practices sustainable farming. She yearns to continue spreading, inspiring, and affecting healthy lifestyle change for patients.

For more information or to schedule a Nutritional Consultation or lifestyle educational program with Dawn, please complete the new patient forms on our website.