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What is functional medicine?

DBC's Integrative Health Approach

What is a naturopathic doctor?

According to the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, “Naturopathic physicians combine the wisdom of nature with the rigors of modern science. Steeped in traditional healing methods, principles and practices, naturopathic medicine focuses on holistic, proactive prevention and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. By using protocols that minimize the risk of harm, naturopathic physicians help facilitate the body’s inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health. It is the naturopathic physician’s role to identify and remove barriers to good health by helping to create a healing internal and external environment.” We couldn’t agree more.

How do I get to DBC? What are your hours?

Hours and Directions

What days do you see new patients, and what times?

Dr. Adrian den Boer and Dr. Stacey Fischer see new patients on Monday mornings. 

Which doctor should I see?

While each of our doctors have unique interests and areas of expertise, they all provide in-depth, preventative, holistic care from a Functional Medicine approach. Dr. den Boer is available to share his expertise through guided care for patients using the strong team he has built based on his 25 years of experience. Our new patient advocate team will be able to guide your decision based on your individual needs.

What are the doctors' qualifications? Where did they go to school?

Meet the Doctors

Who are the staff members providing care to the patients?

Meet the Staff

Does DBC have a blog or social media sites?

DBC is eager to provide a solid resource base for patients and non-patients alike. Please visit our blog, utilize our resource links, or view our other social media sites by clicking on the options at the top of the screen.

Can I receive care if I don't live in the area?

When a local Functional Medicine Practitioner cannot be found, we do work with someone long-distance. However, the initial new patient exam must be in person.

Do you have wifi for patients while they wait for their appointments?

Yes! Free wifi is provided for our patients.

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About you:

What is expected of me as a patient?

DBC is a Functional Medicine office, and the doctors and staff utilize the power of lifestyle intervention to facilitate true and lasting health for patients. The patient that experiences the strongest health transformation is willing to make significant changes in diet and lifestyle, but even more, is open-minded to a new way of thinking about health and taking responsibility for making it better and better. The DBC doctors and staff are enthusiastic participants in your journey.

My budget has changed - what should I do?

If your budget is reducing, please talk to your doctor or coach at your next appointment—or consider an email consult with the doctor—to discuss your options. Also consider working with a Health Coach to address the many lifestyle issues that can greatly and positively impact health in a more cost-effective manner.

Will the doctors make me better?

DBC practices with an inverted medical model – we believe the patient is in the driver’s seat, with the doctors and staff participating in your healing journey as providers of excellent information and care. We would never take credit for you getting well – you did that yourself, with your dedication to a healthy lifestyle, complying with many recommendations and pursuing an anti-inflammatory lifestyle across the board.

Why am I not seeing results?

There are many reasons why a patient may be experiencing delayed results. Please schedule a consult to address this with your doctor – playing detective will be a team effort between you, your doctor, and possibly even one of our Health Coaches to find what hidden factors may be sabotaging your improvement. Never give up – we sure won’t!

How often should I do a Wellness Visit or a BIA?

You will receive specific instructions from your DBC doctor or coach, but for maintenance care, it’s ideal to have a BIA or Wellness Visit a few times a year.

What if I haven't been seen in a while?

If you have not been seen by a DBC doctor for any service for more than one year, your doctor needs a minimum of a BIA and either a wellness exam or a limited exam to provide you the best care.

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What are the benefits of chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care seeks to normalize muscle tone, joint and nerve function as well as stimulate healing throughout all body systems. Due to the far-reaching effects of the neurological system, chiropractic treatments go beyond resolving pain and are a tool for improving overall health.

At DBC, we find chiropractic treatments provide optimal results when integrated with a comprehensive treatment protocol. Because we focus on decreasing the body’s overall inflammation through lifestyle intervention, we find that fewer adjustments than average are necessary.

Has the doctor worked with my specific condition?

Our doctors have a broad level of experience working with injuries, allergies, disorders, diseases and cancer of all kinds. They specialize in unique and complex cases as well as patients who just want to feel better overall. If you would like to have direct communication with a DBC doctor regarding their confidence in addressing your concerns, please contact our office and speak to one of our New Patient Advocates.

When will I feel better/see results?

As you can imagine, the timeline for results is incredibly unique to each patient and the complexity of their condition, as well as the lifestyle factors that contribute to healing or disease. There is much a patient can do to speed the process – ask your DBC doctor for his/her estimated timeline and what you can do to participate in that healing!

What services can I benefit from without being a patient of one of the doctors?

DBC is thrilled to offer our superior services those who are not patients of a DBC doctor.


What is BIA (BioImpedence Analysis), and why is it needed?

Understanding the BioImpedence Analysis

What is Acoustic Compression?

Accoustic Compression

How long are the appointments?

Plan to spend an hour in the office for each New Patient appointment, and for your Report of Findings, too. Your Report of Findings Follow Up will be approximately thirty minutes. Adjustment appointments are a few minutes with time for a couple quick questions. Consults or Wellness Visits are based on ten minute scale and are recommended for discussion of your issues. Acoustic Compression appointments are about twenty minutes. Health Coaching appointments are 30 minutes and a BIA or cholesterol test takes about 15 minutes.

Why can it be such a long wait to get in to see a DBC doctor?

We are genuinely thrilled that so many people are seeking Functional Medicine treatment, yet this creates a challenge for patients trying to schedule appointments. Please call our office and speak to one of our New Patient Advocates for more information on initial exam wait times. To start the process of becoming a new patient, please complete the New Patient Forms on our website.

Why does the doctor recommend seeing a Health Coach before or during treatment?

Being Functional Medicine practitioners, the DBC doctors believe that a great deal of disease, disorder, and injury arrives as a result of lifestyle. Working with the Health Coaches (in whichever program is recommended) enables the patient to maximize his/her care and healing by optimizing nutrient intake, reducing inflammation, and prioritizing critical issues. Simply put, we need to learn how to “eat our medicine,” and the DBC coaches are experts at lifestyle optimization. Education is critical, and we strongly believe that every patient should work with a coach at some point in their care at DBC.

What sort of lifestyle changes are recommended for patients at DBC?

As Functional Medicine practitioners, the doctors and coaches at DBC urgently recommend an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. This includes as many things as the patient is ready for… all the way from avoiding an inflammatory food like gluten or dairy, to balancing blood sugar, eating a whole foods, nutrient-dense diet that moves away strongly from any processed “food”, managing stressors appropriately, exercising regularly and having positive relationships.

These lifestyle changes can be overwhelming for many, and there are support services here for the patient who wants to learn and truly change their health. DBC is not for the patient who just wants a “green pharmacy” or for the doctor to cure them. It’s up to each of us to take responsibility for our own health, and it’s very exciting to see the research proving just how much control we have over our medical fate.

Isn't food intolerance a fad? Why is a specialized diet recommended for so many people?

It has been said that our food has changed more in the past forty years than in the four thousand years before that. We believe that a great majority of today’s health issues are a physiological response to those sudden and chaotic changes. Genetic modification of foods, increased pesticide exposure and glycemic load, and decreasing nutrient density as food travels further to its location are all factors that are contributing to an inflammatory lifestyle and therefore negative gene expression.

As holistic practitioners, we encourage the pursuit of foods that have been shown to reduce inflammation, and the avoidance of foods that have been proven to cause it. Much research exists on the inflammatory cascade caused by modern gluten and over use of dairy – it is too helpful for too many people to not recommend elimination when the patient’s symptom profile calls for it.

See this video for more.

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Supplements & Nature's Remedies:

Why do you use nutritional supplements? Can I get them anywhere?

DBC's Supplement Philosophy

Can anyone buy supplements from Nature's Remedies?

Many of the nutraceutical supplements available at Nature’s Remedies are available to non-patients. There are some supplements that are on a controlled list that require doctor recommendation, and the staff is able to offer options that are available to anyone.

What dosing do I follow?

Please consult with your DBC doctor for all supplement dosing in order to receive the best health outcomes. If you are not a patient, it is safe to follow the dosing listed on the supplement label.

Do you sell Kinesio tape?

Not at this time.

What are your hours?


Can I place an order online?

Yes! Visit our website and click on the Nature's Remedies link in the top right corner.

Who can tell me why these individual supplements were recommended for me?

The best person to explain how you will benefit from each supplement recommended, and how it fits in to your greater health goals, is your DBC doctor. Our desire is that you receive excellent customer service, and general education about nutritional supplements is available not only through your doctor but the DBC Health Coaches and the staff in Nature’s Remedies. Please let us know if you have any questions and we will have, or find, the answers for you!

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Do you participate in insurance?

DBC does not participate with any insurance companies. We realize this can seem frustrating, but the doctors want to provide care consistent with what the patient actually needs rather than what is dictated or allowed by an outside provider. Should you wish, DBC will provide a printout of any chiropractic diagnosis codes available for your submission to your individual carrier for potential reimbursement. Please be aware that any naturopathic services will not have diagnosis codes and are not eligible for reimbursement.

What is the typical cost to be a patient at DBC?

Based on the complexity of the condition, new patients can spend anywhere from $500 - $2000 during their first two months on doctor visits, x-rays, recommended Lifestyle programs or Acoustic Compression treatment, and nutraceutical interventions from Nature’s Remedies. After this initial critical intervention period, most patients experience a drop off of the time and financial commitment, especially when making the lifestyle changes recommended. The more you do at home, the less you have to do at DBC.

Do you work with Medicare?

DBC is a ‘non-participating’ entity with Medicare – we do not take payment from Medicare and are not a participating provider. We bill the original Medicare entity and any eligible reimbursement is sent directly to the patient from Medicare. Reimbursement is not guaranteed or able to be predicted by DBC staff.

Do you work with Medicaid?

DBC does not participate with Medicaid. Because Medicaid requires physician participation for any interaction, any patients that have Medicaid must sign a waiver stating they are fully responsible for payment at time of services. Due to our non-participation, neither DBC, nor the patient, can legally bill Medicaid for any services rendered.

Is there a payment plan available at DBC? Can I make a donation for someone at DBC?

We are unable to offer a payment plan for new services at this time. Often families or loved ones wish to make a payment on someone’s account, and we offer confidentiality as to the source of the gift when asked.

What services and education are available at no charge?

The DBC team is excited to offer many resources at no charge to patients and non-patients alike, believing strongly that one doesn’t have to be a patient at DBC to experience exciting growth and change independently. Please view the list below and take advantage of the readily available information and inspiration for your optimal health!

  • a. The Vitality Blog!
  • b. Resources
  • c. The monthly educational seminars are open to the public and are free of charge (please call to save your seat), and are posted on our YouTube channel for easy and free viewing.
  • d. Follow one or all of our social media sites for excellent education and support.

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