Our holistic, functional medicine approach looks at you as a whole being,
not as a "disease."

Holistic Approach

Rather than merely controlling symptoms, functional medicine asks the question “why?” Why are you having these symptoms? What other issues are related? What is your health history?

Functional medicine is an entirely science-based branch of medicine with countless peer-reviewed articles published in the best known medical journals. The main difference between the traditional medical model and functional medicine is the angle of approach. We believe that by providing the body with necessary nutrients, and removing certain offending foods, we can arm the body to do what it most needs to do – heal itself.

Find out more about functional medicine here: functionalmedicine.org

Simplifying Diet

There is a lot of talk about eating a 'whole foods diet.' What does that mean? Whenever you can, choose a food that’s in its 'original package.' Food that has been minimally processed will provide the most nutrition for you. Learn more (recipes, anyone?) from our health coaches in the Lifestyle Therapy program.

Simplifying Life

When was the last time you took a look at your life and asked yourself, “What can I live without?” Whether it’s unnecessary material goods or too many extracurricular activities, even these blessings can add up to a complicated life. What do you need to cut out for your health?