Part 2: Treating Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

Posted on 4/18/2013 by Dr. Adrian den Boer
Categories: kid's health, osteoporosis, sun, vitamin D
 In Part 1, we discussed the increasing trends of soda consumption and sugar as contributing factors to osteopenia. In this post, the focus will be on addressing the imbalances affecting bone health in order to restore overall health...

Part 1: Increasing Trends of Osteoporosis and Osteopenia in Young Adults

Posted on 4/11/2013 by Dr. Adrian den Boer
Categories: kid's health, lifestyle, osteoporosis, soda

The increasing trend of soda consumption has risen drastically, with a 60% jump from 1989 – 2008 in children 6 – 11 years of age (Institute of Medicine, 2012). As a staple for most children, the effects of soda on health, especially bone health, is tremendous...

Spring Allergies: Root Causes and Treatment

Posted on 4/4/2013 by Dr. Adrian den Boer
Categories: allergies, autoimmune, immune system, kid's health
With spring around the corner, allergies are a common topic of concern with my patients. Often, the general public misunderstands the cause of allergies, and turns to pharmaceutical products to treat their symptoms rather than getting to the root of the problem...