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How to Detect a Good Quality Supplement

Posted on 3/31/2015 by Dr. den Boer
Categories: budget, supplements, vitamins

When staring down bottle labels at the pharmacy, how do you determine which supplement is the best? This is a question we often get from patients, and clearly, checking each supplement for the diligent quality control steps mentioned in our last article (insert link) is a difficult task for the average consumer!  Even doctors and other healthcare practitioners often balk at the task; naturally, they may prefer to spend their time researching which herbs or formulas are likely to be effective in the first place rather than worrying about manufacturing procedures or product purity. Unfortunately, without strong government oversight in the industry, the burden is upon the consumer (you!) to find trusted brands and/or trusted doctors and retailers that watch out for your health and safety....

How is a Good Quality Supplement Made?

Posted on 3/13/2015 by Dr. den Boer
Categories: supplements, vitamins

In our last post, we learned about the very poor state of the American supplement and nutraceutical industry, as well as some of the underlying quality issues with the largely unregulated industry. Now that we’re able to better identify poor quality supplements, how do we detect “good” quality supplements? What is involved in making a supplement of the utmost efficacy and consumer confidence?

Let’s answer the latter question first with an example....

Traveling by Plane? Stay Healthy with These Tips!

Posted on 8/21/2014 by Dr. Adrian den Boer
Categories: exercise, immune system, stress, supplements, travel, vitamins

Whether for business or for pleasure, the many stresses of airplane travel can put a damper on our health if we aren’t prepared. Fortunately, there are many solutions to implement before, during, and after to keep you in peak health throughout all stages of travel...

6 Reasons to Eat Your Greens!

Posted on 6/19/2013 by Dr. Adrian den Boer
Categories: kid's health, real food, vitamins
Let me guess. You’ve probably heard the time-tested phrase: “Eat your greens!” Along with the infamous spinach-eating cartoon, Popeye, we could all take notes from our grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ advice... 

Why You Should Take Your Vitamins and How to Find a Quality Supplement

Posted on 6/13/2013 by Dr. Adrian den Boer
Categories: immune system, inflammation, kid's health, supplements, vitamins

A recent controversial
 article, “Don’t Take Your Vitamins,” was published in the New York Times on why it’s harmful to take vitamins. While some of the information is valid, much of the information is misconstrued and based on poor, outdated, and incomplete scientific evidence...