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Heartburn: How to Douse the Fire Within

Posted on 10/29/2014 by Dr. Adrian den Boer
Categories: gastrointestinal, gut flora, inflammation, leaky gut
One of the most common complaints among my patients is dealing with the all-too-common heartburn. With 44% of Americans having heartburn monthly, 10-20% weekly, and 10% daily, heartburn has nothing to do with the heart...

The Importance of a Healthy Gut

Posted on 12/11/2013 by Dr. Adrian den Boer
Categories: gastrointestinal, inflammation, leaky gut, probiotics

Life begins completely sterile, but at the moment of vaginal birth, we get inoculated with billions of beneficial bacteria.  These bacteria are the beginnings of what make up our “microbiome,” which is comprised of over 100 trillion beneficial bacteria with 1,000 different strains in our bodies...