Traveling by Plane? Stay Healthy with These Tips!

Posted on 8/21/2014 by Dr. Adrian den Boer
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Whether for business or for pleasure, the many stresses of airplane travel can put a damper on our health if we aren’t prepared. Fortunately, there are many solutions to implement before, during, and after to keep you in peak health throughout all stages of travel.
Here’s what I do to stay healthy when I travel!
- The day before, I always aim to exercise and to get a good night’s rest to keep my energy high and immune system strong.
  • - Traveling by airplane is very stressful on the body, so I always ramp up my Ultra Potent-C®1000 to at least 4 -6 per day. I do this the day before, the day of, and the day after, as well as on the trip back.  
- I always pack along a bottle of Mycoferon™, a remedy that is incredibly settling for the gut. It’s also a very fast immune booster, and is a multi-tasking remedy for many travel conditions that might afflict us, from sinus infections, to the flu and upset stomach. I usually recommend 15 – 30 drops three times during the day of traveling. It can be used both for prevention and/or treatment.
- If I’m going to a country where water waterborne illness – i.e. digestive upset – is a problem, such as Mexico or Africa, I always take 4 – 6 tablets once per day of Probioplex® Intensive Care as a preventative. If digestive upset occurs, I recommend the same dosage up to three times per day. Of my patients traveling to places with waterborne illness, I often hear that they are the only ones left standing, while everyone else is afflicted with traveler’s diarrhea.
- I also like to take two UltraFlora™ Spectrum per day, which is a strong probiotic that protects the gut and aids in digestion.
- For the most part, airport food is not in your best interest to consume. It’s better not to eat than to eat poor airport food, but the best scenario is to pack your own food. I always take along one of Nature’s Remedies’ bars, like an UltraMeal® Bar, a Pure® Bar, or a Raw Organic Food Bar®. I also bring along other portable health foods like chopped veggies, nuts, avocado, sardines, and an apple. As always, be sure to adhere to TSA food and beverage requirements, which can be found here.
- Because travel involves a lot of sitting, I always try to keep moving whenever possible. If I have a long layover, I walk the terminals to get some extra steps in, and during the flight, I walk the aisles every hour. Though it’s tight in the airplane bathrooms, my personal preference is to also do squats in the bathroom.
- No Jet-Lag® is an awesome homeopathic formula from New Zealand that helps combat time zone changes. I’ve found that when I travel back to the Netherlands, the 7-hour time change is nothing, and I adjust incredibly quickly using this. Studies with pilots show that effects of jet lag are reduced by more than 50%! Chew one tablet on each takeoff, one about every two hours, and one after landing.
- I always shower as soon as possible upon landing to rid of bacteria.
- For those that have constipation issues from travel, one scoop of MetaFiber or one capsule of Super Aloe 250 at night can help keep the gut moving. Remember, the gut is very central to our health! It comprises 70% of our immune system, controls hormones and inflammation, and is a huge part of how our brain works. It’s important to keep it up and rolling! 
Also, I always bring along Amerigel™ for wounds when hiking, and the very powerful, anti-inflammatory Traumeel® x ointment for any bumps or sore body parts.
I wish you happy and healthy travels!

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