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We are honored and delighted you have contacted us about utilizing our services for your health needs! Dr. den Boer has worked since 1989 to put a team in place to provide you with tools you need to help regain your health potential. Through his clinic, Dr. den Boer offers you a wide array of services for health optimization, from chronic disease to everyday wellness to peak athletic performance.

DBC offers the following carefully selected and extensively trained providers, who are all available to serve you and help you to achieve optimal health and wellness:

  • Dr. Adrian den Boer - Functional Medicine services and Comprehensive Holistic Care
  • Dr. Stacey Fischer – Functional Medicine services and Comprehensive Holistic Care
  • Health Coaching – One-on-one health coaching programs to find and maintain a healthy lifestyle through education and support
  • Acoustic Compression – Treatment to heal acute and chronic injury, as well as inflammatory conditions
  • DBC FIT - Functional Integrative Training with our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Blake, to minimize your pain and maximize your mobility, flexibility, strength, and stamina-tailored to you as an individual.

Once you have completed the following form, someone from our office will call you to schedule your upcoming appointment with a DBC provider. You may explore the expertise of each here. Based on availability, your initial appointment may be scheduled several months out.

To further educate yourself about DBC, please review the FAQ.

We look foward to working together with you soon!


The DBC team