Dr. den Boer

Adrian J. den Boer DC, ND, IFMCP

Educated in both the Netherlands and the United States, Dr. Adrian den Boer is a board-certified and licensed Naturopathic and Chiropractic physician. In addition, Dr. den Boer (affectionately known as “Doc” by his patients) is fully certified as a functional medicine doctor. His unique international background allows him to provide his patients with care incorporating both old and proven natural approaches and the latest in cutting-edge natural health care. Dr. den Boer has treated over 10,000 patients successfully by utilizing multiple resources (including DBC’s chiropractic specialists, Accoustic Compression Therapy and Health Coaching) to manage patient care.

Dr. den Boer is the "research engine" behind DBC. He regularly attends seminars and lectures in the United States as well as internationally in order to continue incorporating the latest research from both Europe and North America. Dr. den Boer utilizes his worldwide resources when preparing research for the practice and adjusting nutrient formulas and recommendations.

He and his wife have five children and currently reside in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.

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