Dr. Stacey

Stacey L. Fischer, DC

*Dr. Stacey is not currently accepting patients at this time. She has transitioned to seeing only animal patients, but occasionally has chiropractic appointments available at DBC to cover vacation time.

Utilizing the latest adjusting techniques and extensive nutritional counseling and therapy, Dr. Stacey strives to achieve optimal wellness for her patients. She embraces the functional medicine approach and treats each patient as a whole, looking for the root problems, not just signs and symptoms. Conditions ranging from an aching back to common colds to life-threatening or chronic illnesses are welcomed. Dr. Stacey's warmth and cheerfulness provide a safe and growth-encouraging environment for all of her patients, especially children.

Practicing at DBC for over eighteen years, Dr. Stacey is a board-certified and licensed chiropractic physician who completed her education at Logan College of Chiropractic. Also a fully certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, she continually expands her knowledge by attending Functional Medicine seminars, reviewing current research, and working in a close, collaborative partnership with Dr. den Boer.

Dr. Stacey is an animal lover and an equestrian. Also educated in animal chiropractic, she utilizes her skill in adjusting horses, dogs, and cats for clients around southern Michigan. She makes her home in Lowell, Michigan along with her 4-legged "kids." In the summer she spends her time volunteering for the Newaygo County 4-H program and riding and showing her own horse.