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3 Modern Staples of Great Health

Posted on 9/29/2014 by Dr. Adrian den Boer
Categories: lifestyle, sleep, stress
When I started my practice back in 1989, there were three main components that I always preached to my patients to help jumpstart their great health. Though my previous health staples are still important to wellbeing, I now preach these three modern staples of health to my patients to encourage a state of vibrant health...

An Undervalued Biomarker for Health: Muscle Mass

Posted on 8/16/2013 by Dr. Adrian den Boer
Categories: exercise, Health biomarker, heart disease, lifestyle
Just as a car has a dashboard gauging gas, temperature, and maintenance needs, humans also have a “dashboard” of measurable markers for health, called biomarkers. This post marks the beginning of a series on these important health biomarkers, and how optimizing these can extend both quality and longevity of our “engines"...

6 Under-the-Radar Causes of Cancer and Preventative Measures

Posted on 7/11/2013 by Dr. Adrian den Boer
Categories: cancer, environment, lifestyle, real food, stress, toxicity, vitamin D

In my twenty-five years of practice, I’ve seen many changes with cancer research and treatment, some of them good, some of them bad. 
However, since the 1920’s, every decade has delivered the same false promises of new cures, new techniques, and greater hope...

The Farmers Market: A Missing Link in Our Health

Posted on 5/29/2013 by Dr. Adrian den Boer
Categories: environment, GMO, lifestyle, real food

With farmers markets opening and abundant fresh produce available, this is an exciting time of the year and perfect time to start using food as medicine!

Part 1: Increasing Trends of Osteoporosis and Osteopenia in Young Adults

Posted on 4/11/2013 by Dr. Adrian den Boer
Categories: kid's health, lifestyle, osteoporosis, soda

The increasing trend of soda consumption has risen drastically, with a 60% jump from 1989 – 2008 in children 6 – 11 years of age (Institute of Medicine, 2012). As a staple for most children, the effects of soda on health, especially bone health, is tremendous...