Dr. Bosscher

Ryon Bosscher, DC

Dr. Bosscher is a board-certified and licensed chiropractic physician from Grand Rapids. He has extensive post-graduate training in rehabilitative and soft tissue techniques as well as functional movement. He is passionate about helping restore proper movement and strength as we age, whether someone is symptomatic or not. You can expect an in-depth look at your posture and movement patterns during any visit.

While it’s common for chiropractors to solely focus on the spine, Dr. Bosscher takes a whole body approach to address the cause of your symptoms or imbalances. His training allows him to treat the whole musculoskeletal system, including the extremities.

He has certifications through the Gray Institute (Physical Therapy), SFMA level 1 and 2-Selective Functional Movement Assessment, TPI 1 and 2-Titlest Performance Institute (Golf), and ART-Active Release Technique. These are just a few of the many post-graduate trainings that Dr. Bosscher pursues. Most of them revolving around functional movement/rehab.

Dr. Bosscher practices what he preaches and lives an active lifestyle! He currently resides along the lakeshore where he can enjoy various watersports, hiking, and biking.

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