Lukas den Boer, BS

As the leader of the Acoustic Compression Therapy Team, Lukas passionately drives care and has led his team to successfully treat hundreds of patients. Using one of the most cutting-edge therapies in the U.S., and drawing on in-depth knowledge of functional physiology and anatomy, Lukas and his team tailor treatment recommendations to each patient’s unique situation and sensitivity level.

Acoustic Compression Therapy is being used to successfully treat an exciting array of issues. Such diverse conditions range from plantar fasciitis, migraines, degenerative disc disease, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, sports injuries, post-surgical healing, and scoliosis, amongst many others.

Whether to accelerate the healing of an acute injury, resolve or relieve chronic and degenerative conditions, or to stimulate healing and regeneration in key areas, the Acoustic Compression Therapy Team is highly qualified to administer this proven treatment and facilitate restoration of specific structural concerns and overall wellbeing.

DBC is pleased to provide Acoustic Compression Therapy to people who are not current patients.For more information or to schedule an Acoustic Compression treatment, please complete the new patient forms on our website.