This is a very large category of disorders.

It needs very specific health care attention pertaining to all the different entities it entails. A common vein running through all these diverse conditions is compromised gut function and livers not up to the task of keeping up with the toxins of daily life. Your gut is your "second brain" which stores the majority of your neurotransmitters (90%!), so what happens there influences brain function tremendously. Upper neck spinal alignment has great influence, as does regulating certain nutrient levels and removing inflammatory agents. The latest research clearly shows that nutrient needs vary by a factor as much as 100-fold with some individuals—for normal and optimal brain function to occur these nutrients must be present in appropriate quantities. A very thorough orthopedic, neurological and nutritional exam by your functional medicine doctor will reveal these unique attributes and personalized instructions will be developed. We are pleased to have been a part of patients’ success with vastly improving this condition. Up to the right are a few services that we may recommend to begin treating you or your child.