Allergies & Sensitivities.

Using the Functional Medicine Matrix as a guide, your DBC doctor will explore the reasons behind your allergic or sensitivity responses. Your reactions are the immune system’s way of saying that something is off balance within your body. To say it another way, your immune system is responding correctly to the signal it is receiving, so the real answer to this vexing and often debilitating issue is to figure out where this signal is coming from, and why is it happening. Rarely is the immune system itself the causation, but often damage in the gut wall, imbalance in hormones or down/up-regulated neurological input can be the culprit. Great improvement in allergies and sensitivities is possible, and is our regular experience, with this approach. We are pleased to have been a part of patients’ success with improving or eliminating this condition. Up to the right are a few services that we may recommend to begin treating yours.