Digestive disorders compromise a large portion of chronic disease, and with good reason.

Our immune system response has been turned upside down by the effects of modern society, including processed, hybridized and genetically modified foods (GMO) that our bodies consider foreign, the assault of antibiotic over-use, NSAIDS and other medications and exposure to the wrong foods at to early an age. Applying the Functional Medicine Matrix is critical to understand the origins and mechanisms behind the digestive upheaval, as well as providing a roadmap to full recovery utilizing modern diagnostic techniques to uncover state of digestive enzymes, gut overgrowth of foreign cells and inflammation and its source. Your recovery will be based on the accurate assessment of these multiple factors—the appropriate restorative therapy will involve normalizing digestive enzymes, bacteria, and avoidance of foods that may be triggers. The 4R Program is the cornerstone to this therapy. We are pleased to have been a part of patients’ success with improving or eliminating these intestinal conditions. Up to the right are a few services that we may recommend to begin treating yours.