Healthy kids are happy kids!

Our new generation requires extra care to equip them against the onslaught of inflammatory and toxic disorders. By the time this new generation turns forty, one out of three is predicted to have diabetes, a life expectancy shorter than ours, autoimmune diseases at levels not imaginable today and overall functional abilities falling short of today’s standards. What we do with our children today will provide a template for their entire life and influence health of future generations. Therefore, very special attention is given to our pediatric patient population, making sure that nutrient requirements are met, not at minimal levels but at optimal levels. Conditions such as ear infections, colds, lung conditions, skin issues and more are dealt with in a manner that is extremely effective and health building, without the side effects of antibiotic or other medication over-use. Besides optimal nutrition building, counseling is provided for the vexing issues such as food introduction, sleep challenges, vaccinations, picky eaters and more. We are pleased to have been a part of patients’ success with improving children’s health. Up to the right are a few services that we may recommend to begin treating your child.