Functional Medicine provides answers.

We begin by looking at the Functional Medicine Matrix and seeing how your overall health status is affecting your brain function. For too long the brain has been misunderstood to be unaffected much by what is going on below it. Nothing could be further from the truth: your gut stores most of your neurotransmitters—which is why it is called the second brain. Inflammatory hormones directly influence brain function (e.g. PMS and menopause), heavy metal toxicity and nutrient status influence brain health immensely. Emerging research has given your functional medicine doctor tools to both work up and treat mood disorders in a very effective manner so you can have your life and your health back! Tools utilized for steering your doctor in the right direction include a thorough history, initial exam (neurological, nutritional and orthopedic aspects are included) and testing as needed. Therapies are individualized (nutritional, supplemental, lifestyle) and our support system is put into action to start you on the road to recovery. We are pleased to have been a part of patients' success with improving or eliminating these disorders, and up to the right you'll see how we may begin treating yours.