Why does the immune system turn against itself?

Applying the Functional Medicine Matrix to this exploding epidemic is imperative to fully understand origin, impact and implication. Rather than lose time hunting an elusive diagnosis, we seek to understand the mechanism behind the inflammatory assault on your body, which your functional medicine doctor is uniquely equipped to do. We do not attempt to shut down your all-important immune system, but rather, go after the reason why your immune system is responding in this very unique way to a stimuli that must be uncovered if we are to restore your health. Autoimmune issues originate from the immune system’s normal response to abnormal signaling, which could originate from the gut, nervous dysfunction, toxin overload, hormonal disruption and more. The functional medicine approach includes multiple methods ranging from nutritional intervention, DBC Life, exercise and manipulative therapies where appropriate. We are pleased to have been a part of patients’ success with improving or eliminating these conditions, though the precipitating factors may always need attention. Up to the right are a few services that we may recommend to begin treatment.